Residential rooftop station with NEOSUN Home Battery storage
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Read the case study from our Russian department about the residential solar station of 10 kW with 17 kWh energy storage system NEOSUN Home ESS in Moscow.


The customer’s house is located in the area of Serebryany Bor – one of the most famous and expensive Moscow neighborhoods. There is a large number of powerful consumers inside, so the power of 15 kW allocated from a local network does not always cover the electrical needs which can lead to overloading and a temporary blackout.

“There are many premium class private households in the neighborhood, therefore, solutions based on diesel generators were not considered – it is noisy, dirty, and requires constant maintenance. Therefore, the solar station was actually the only solution.”

Dmitry Kapko, project manger

The Challenge

Initially, the basic security was installed in the house, but over time the customer expanded it so video surveillance servers, motion sensors, and server room’s conditioning had already exceeded the capabilities of the battery built into the security system. There was a risk that the security system would stop working while the owners’ prolonged absence.

In addition, the house has a central climate control system, a smart home system, and automatic garage doors – all this should function stably even while overload or blackout.

The engineering was complicated by the fact that there was practically no free area to place ground structures on the territory – the risk of shading was too high, which meant power loss, and the roof area was occupied by air conditioning and glazing as much as 70%.

The Solution

NEOSUN Energy proposed a solution based on the 25 most powerful 330W Neosun solar panels and a 17 kWh energy storage system NEOSUN Home ESS with lithium-ion batteries.

All these solutions ensured the autonomy for up to 3 hours during normal operation – watching TV, using equipment, and lighting. Such absolute autonomy is needed only in rare cases – when there is a blackout, accident, or at night when the solar modules are not generating power. In the rest of the time, the energy storage system is recharged by solar panels. This means the autonomy for significant security, air conditioning, and access control systems for several days due to daytime charge and nighttime battery discharge.

In addition to autonomy, the NEOSUN Home ESS is configured to compensate for the power consumption peaks. When the network is overloaded due to the large number of powerful devices operating simultaneously this is automatically compensated by the power reserves of Home ESS batteries.

“For the rooftop installation we used the Neosun Triangle Mount system. Its lightness reduced the load on an overloaded roof, and wind resistance will allow the customer not to worry about Moscow off-season weather. ”

Timur Tagaurov, chief engineer

Due to the lack of space, the engineers chose the most powerful at that time Neosun 330W solar modules. 25 panels were placed in a limited area in accordance with the inclination angle, roof load, and shading. Today, using next-generation panels, such as Neosun Ultra 450W, it is possible to install a 30-35% more powerful solar station on the same area ”

Dmitry Kapko, project manger

The main project drivers in Serebryany Bor were autonomy, safety, and comfort. But the issue of clean energy even on such a small project is a global issue of preserving our heritage and ecology. Thanks to NEOSUN technology and a 25-year performance guarantee, you can be sure that this solar station will provide clean sustainable energy not only for the current owners but also for several generations in advance.

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