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Thank you for your interest in becoming a NEOSUN Certified Distributor. Let’s shape the future of energy together.

Few reasons to become a NEOSUN Dealer
We provide a great range of advanced solar energy products with technical expertise, marketing systems, management methods and all relevant information to make your business a success. Our dealers are more than just territory-owners; they are our business partners that share the same vision and passion. Also, we provide a proven business model, Brand identity and trademark that have value in customers’ eyes. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful.

Premium quality. Only!

We are committed to providing the best products using premium materials, and use the safest, most efficient equipment sourced from around the globe.

Solar panels by NEOSUN Energy comply with international standards such as IEC, CE, etc. and we guarantee the quality of our products with an industry-leading 30-year performance warranty.

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We help our Dealers with Marketing and Promotion

You provide capital, talent, and energy to expand the Brand. So we commit to providing you with ongoing marketing support throughout the life of the Dealership Agreement.

Besides the advertising and forwarding end-customer requests from the territory we provide great marketing materials – printed or digital PDF catalogs, booklets, and useful instructions.

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We are constantly developing new products and solutions

Working in collaboration with international research centers the R&D team of NEOSUN Energy is constantly improving our energy products and working hard on the development of new innovative products and solutions.

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NEOSUN Solar Academy

NEOSUN provides many opportunities to learn more about different technologies and trends in solar energy. Whether for installers, sales employees, or plant designers: we offer advanced training and webinar to help you to deal with any customer requirement.

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Let’s change the World together
How to become a NEOSUN Master Dealer?

It is very easy to become a Master Dealer of NEOSUN Energy. All you need is just to submit a request on our website and make an initial purchase of at least $10,000 to get the Master Dealer status. Apply now.

How to become a NEOSUN Premium Dealer?

Premium Dealers are the elite and our strong business partners on the territory. They are equipped with advanced training, skilled personnel and should have at least 6 months experience as our Master Dealer and demonstrate an outstanding sales result of NEOSUN Energy products. The sales volume required for a Premium Dealer depends on the country and usually ranges from $500,000 to $2,000,000 annually.

What benefits does my Dealership Agreement include?

NEOSUN Energy partners receive:

  • Access to the strongest renewable brand on the market.
  • The best prices and advanced solar energy products;
  • Priority in production and shipment;
  • Marketing materials and advertising support;
  • Ongoing trainings, technical expertise, and consultations.
  • Direct contacts on the NEOSUN’s website and even your own website upon request if you are just starting.
What is the estimated cost of the business set up?

Every region is different, so it is difficult to provide an accurate estimation of set up costs. There are no fees that go directly to NEOSUN Energy however you need to consider:

  1. The rental cost of your premises;
  2. Start-up marketing costs to promote your new business;
  3. Uniforms, marketing collateral, signage, vehicles, etc.
  4. Installation equipment (from lifting devices to safety equipment).
Delivery terms and production time:

We deliver our products all over the World. Standard delivery terms are FOB, CIF, or DDP (for certain countries).

Delivery time depends on the order quantity and normally takes around 20~30 working days.

What is the payment term?

Our payment terms:

  1. Orders less than 20,000 USD – due to be paid in full;
  2. Orders of 20,000 USD and above are due and payable on the following schedule – 30% due to be paid upon placing and order and the rest 70% due to be paid once the goods manufactured but before shipment.
Certified Distributor Application
Certified Distributor Application

    I am interested in becoming a NEOSUN certified distributor for the following products:

    *If you do not have a website, please provide us with a link to a social media page your company may have (i.e. google business listing, facebook, etc)