NEOSUN™ Double Glass PV Panels

Frameless solar module with advanced PERC technology and dual-glass design enables lower degradation and high power

Double Glass PV Module (Mono PERC)

Power range
270 - 395Wp
Solar cells
PERC, 5BB, Grade-A
Cell efficiency
17.4% - 22.4%
Module size
1968 x 992 x 6mm
30 year power warranty
23 - 28 kg

Frameless solar module also known as Double Glass Solar Panel is an innovative product uses solar cells layer laminated between two 2.5mm heat-strengthened glasses instead of the traditional polymer back-sheet. It allows more sunlight to pass through, tailoring them for applications such as carports, shopping malls or greenhouses.

Double Glass Solar modules by NEOSUN can be made in a different dimensions and with different numbers of cells (48, 60 or 72 cells). It allows to adjust the light transmission and the level of shading inside the building by adjusting the distance between the solar cells during the production process.

Exceptional performance

The heat strengthened dual-glass design enables lower degradation rates and higher annual and lifetime energy production that is 25-30 percent higher than traditional framed modules. It does not have a metal frame, so it does not require grounding. It eliminates the cause of Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

The panel can withstand high humidity, high temperatures, sandstorms, ultraviolet and corrosion making it more reliable and durable to ensure a long lifetime much more than 30 years. Together with enhanced performance by PERC technology it leads to greater and quicker energy savings and faster ROI than standard solar panels.

Cell efficiency
Positive Power Tolerance
Power warranty
Advanced manufacturing technology
High product quality is ensured by a fully automated production line with tightly multistage quality control. Solar panels by NEOSUN Energy comply with international standards such as IEC, CE etc.
Robust module construction for snow and wind resistance
The enhanced sandwich design with two 2.5-mm heat-strengthened glasses enable the module to withstand heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 2400 Pa.
Sand and salt protection
Designed to reduce micro-cracking, UV ageing, degradation and corrosion, the frameless module is ideal for uncompromising weather conditions by blocking moisture permeability and creating higher resistance to sandstorms, salt-mist and ammonia.

Our technology and production lines

Quality focus starts from product inception. The engineering team places a major emphasis on both process and equipment capabilities. We tightly control quality over every step of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field. Every material going into the product is heavily tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standard and level of reliability.


Double Glass PV panel is actually a new type of building material (BIPV) that also provides clean and sustainable energy without any additional investments. It's great for construction of car parking lots and bus-stops, greenhouses, shopping malls and sports facilities. It’s designed to be compatible with most conventional glazing systems for facades and skylights.

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