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Private fire station has been switched to solar energy in the rostov region
28 Nov 2019

In December 2019 Neosun Energy team completed the first solar plant in Russia to power a fire station located in Ribatsky khutor, Rostov area, Russia. The 117 kW solar plant helps to decline annual electricity costs by several millions RUR and reduce carbon emissions by 88 tones a year.

Rostov fires station’s solar plant consists of 324 monocrystalline NEOSUN™ MaxPower modules, 360W each, 2 grid-tie inverters and a ground screw piles mounting system.

All the power generated by solar plant is now used only for the fire station needs. But customer is going to extend the plant up to 400 kW to power some more adjoining buildings.

“It’s important that solar plant for Ribatsky khutor was completely commissioned in incredible 6 days, including time for equipment supply, building and electrical connection. Sometimes it takes ages and extremely extensive investments for consumers to extend their allocated grid power, which is completely unacceptable for such a vital facility as fire station or medical center”, – says Ilya Likhov, Neosun Energy CEO.

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