Google has launched the project sunroof, the program that helps to estimate the benefits of solar power generation for a specific house. the application is running in test mode and available only in several cities in California.

Sunroof uses Google Earth maps to define the amount of sunlight on a specific roof. The application finds the house on the map and calculates electricity that can be generated by solar panels, installed on the roof of that house.

Google corporation and its founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are committed to clean energy. The company is investing into technologies, including purchase of energy assets. Total electricity consumption by company office and data centers is at around 2GW. The company bought several wind farms in North America and over 150MW of solar power capacity in Chile as well as a wind park in Sweden to cover these capacity. Google’s short-term plans include acquisition of share in Kenia’s Vestas Wind Systems with 310 MW capacity.