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Neosun Energy expands to South Africa market to support local enterprises
17 Jan 2024

Neosun Energy, a Global Solar Energy company focused on construction of solar power stations and battery storage solutions has recently ventured into the South African market. This move aims to provide commercial solar panels and energy storage solutions with capacities ranging from 200kW to 10MW for commercial and industrial projects (C&I) not only in South Africa but worldwide.

The entry comes at a critical time as businesses face heightened energy access issues due to load shedding and driven by soaring electricity and fossil fuel costs, along with the persistent challenge of numerous off-grid areas in Africa lacking energy access.

Known for its global outreach, Neosun has already extended its services or components to 16 countries including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America or CIS. With significant contracts under its belt from reputable clients like Allianz, Adidas, CBN or Polymetal, Neosun has established itself as a force to reckon with in the solar energy sector.

“Thousands of enterprises in Africa are unable to fulfill business operations and are bearing financial losses due to the limited access to the grid. Such solutions as solar PV stations and energy storages are the means to resolve these issues. – says Ilya Likhov, the CEO of  Neosun. – The surge in renewable energy investment to $495 billion in 2022, juxtaposed against the $371 billion in oil and gas, reflects a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Neosun’s venture into South Africa is a step towards mitigating business losses incurred due to electricity scarcity and propelling the region towards a sustainable energy future.”

Targeting primarily small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Neosun’s expansion into South Africa, and ongoing negotiations in other African countries and regions, underscore its commitment to bridging the energy gap. The focus industries include manufacturing, warehousing, shopping malls, commercial offices, mining & industrial facilities, and pharmaceuticals. The South African market, hit hard by electricity shortages leading to business losses exceeding $13 billion in 2022, presents a significant opportunity for Neosun to make a positive impact.

Neosun carries out solar projects worldwide, focusing on remote African regions where such initiatives provide electricity to enterprises and settlements, changing lives. For instance, a recent project in a Kenyan village involved a 300kW capacity system for a local workshop, which allowed the business to extend operational hours and double its income by running two shifts. The installation also generated more than 600,000 kWh of energy, enabling sales of excess electricity to nearby areas. This created an additional income source for the village, illustrating the transformative effect of Neosun’s solar solutions for local economies in off-grid locations.

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