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Neosun Energy launches high-powered Solar Panels based on Half-Cut PERC Technology
7 Jul 2022

Neosun Energy has started to produce solar panels using the latest Half-Cut PERC technology, as well as 9BB cells.

International high-tech company Neosun Energy, which develops solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use, has begun to produce solar panels using modern Half-Cut PERC technology and 9BB cells.

Compared to the previous generation of modules, which used the less-advanced PERC technology, the cells in the new modules were cut by another half, and the number of busbars were increased from 5 to 9 pieces.

The updates made possible a further reduction in the internal resistance of the module, as well as an increase in the power of solar panels by 12-14% compared to the previous generation. The ultimate efficiency of the cells increased to a record 23.2% for the Russian market, and the power of the solar modules increased from 390 to 460 W.

The compact size of solar panels has also been preserved, reducing  the metal consumption of the solar power plant and the fixed costs at the design and construction stage.

The market for the production of solar panels is actively moving towards increasing the capacity of an individual module. This is realized by both increasing the efficiency and by increasing the linear dimensions of the cells and the solar panels while maintaining the mass of materials. All this allows us to significantly reduce the costs incurred by EPC companies for the installation and construction of solar power stations, and we strive to maintain this trend by annually introducing the latest technologies available on the market.

In the next 12 months, 500-600 Wsolar panels will become the market standard. Meanwhile, the cost of modules will continue to decline”, said CEO of Neosun Energy Ilya Likhov.

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