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SAM Industrial Supplies now represents NEOSUN Energy in Yemen
27 Apr 2016

NEOSUN Energy and Sam Industrial Supplies are teaming up to deliver solar energy components throughout Yemen. The country’s solar market is currently experiencing triple-digit growth, and NEOSUN Energy is one of the few manufacturers with the capacity to meet Yemen’s growing demand.

With a delivery and logistics network spanning the country, Sam Industrial Supplies is well suited to deliver NEOSUN-branded solar components throughout the country. Sam Industrial currently provides everything from ball valves to drilling fluids to the Yemeni oil and gas markets, but it also counts cement plants, repair workshops, and steel fabricators among its current clients. As the representative of NEOSUN Energy in Yemen, Sam Industrial is now also one of the country’s largest solar equipment suppliers.

Due to the company’s extensive track record of safe and timely deliveries, NEOSUN Energy selected Sam Industrial to be its official partner in Yemen. Sam Industrial has focused on providing professional service to all of its clients since its founding, and the company is well suited to further develop Yemen’s renewable energy infrastructure by working with local installers to design, build, and maintain solar panel arrays powered by NEOSUN Energy components.

Both companies are fully committed to Yemen’s energy security. NEOSUN Energy solar components including inverters and charge controllers will help provide a safe, renewable source of electricity, and these systems will bring electricity to some of the country’s most remote regions. By bringing solar energy to Yemen, the NEOSUN and Sam Industrial partnership will create hundreds of new jobs in the country while helping to supply electricity, clean water, lighting, and other modern amenities throughout the country.

Sam Industrial Supplies is one of the leading Yemeni company specialized in supplying to all kinds of industrial, oil and energy companies with a wide range of equipments, machineries, materials, consumables, safety products and much more.

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