Solar LED Street Light

    NEOSUN Energy has teamed up with Phillips to produce the highest quality
    Solar Street Lights that can emit up to 7200lm of illumination.

    The Next Generation
    of the Solar Street Light

    NEOSUN Solar Street Lights were uniquely designed to meet the demanding performance and lightning needs of virtually any application. Our Street Lights utilize innovative technology while maintaining simplicity and durability.  The unique flexible design allows installations on roadways, parking lots, parks, walkways, and even be used to decorate your home’s landscaping.With variety of different modes programmable through a remote control the off-grid installation could achieve up to

    Induction Sensor

    Microwave (Radar) sensor is adopted in this light in orderto save more energy. Energy saving mode is adjustable bythe remote control easily. Radar sensor is more sensitivethan PIR sensor in much wider angle and longer distance ,And it can be trigered easily with slight movements. Thebest sensitive distance from people / object to light sensorshould be within 12 meters.

    PIR sensor is optional

    Bill Free
    Green Energy
    Bug Free
    Eco Friendly
    Free Maintain

    Product Features

    NEOSUN Energy provides customised solar PV power solutions for commercial, agricultural and industrial properties to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in the generation, consumption and storage of solar power. With NEOSUN Energy, your business will have the opportunity to leverage world-class solar solutions with little capital costs. Read more about our EPC offering.

    Lithium Battery Pack

    High temperature resistant, up to
    2000 cycles lifetime. (DOD 70%)
    Smart BMS protection

    Philips SMD LED Source

    More LEDs is used, drived with lower current, achieving more than 150lm/w. High efficiency than normal solar lights

    MPPT Solar Controller

    Higher chagring efficiency than PWM conctrollers, Ensuring enough power generated for every night

    Microwave (Radar) Sensor

    PIR sensor, longer distance and detective angle. IP65 waterproof

    Structure and components of NEOSUN Solar LED Street Light

    System LED Power Philips LED Qty Effiency Lithium Battery Solar Panel Pole (optional)
    NS-U20W 20 W 36 pcs >2600lm 268WH (up to 15 hours) 50W~110W 3m~7m galvanised steel
    NS-U30W 30 W 48 pcs >4200lm 391WH (up to 15 hours) 70W~110W 3m~7m galvanised steel
    NS-U40W 40 W 72 pcs >5500lm 488WH (up to 15 hours) 90W~110W 3m~7m galvanised steel
    NS-U50W 50 W 72 pcs >6500lm 548WH (up to 15 hours) 100W~110W 3m~7m galvanised steel
    NS-U40W 60 W 72 pcs >7200lm 635WH (up to 15 hours) 110W~110W 3m~7m galvanised steel



    NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels, developer and installer of comprehensive solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use, remote villages, telecommunication and mining industry.

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      NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels and lithium batteries. Provider of advanced solar power solutions and ESS.