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NEOSUN Energy has opened a new representative office in Moscow, Russia
5 Oct 2016

NEOSUN Energy has opened a new representative office in Moscow, Russia.  The main tasks of the new division are development and growth of solar panels sales in Russia and CIS countries, expansion of its dealer network, and promotion of alternative energy use in the region.

“Solar energy market in Russia is one of the biggest in the world, and yet it is most underestimated.  We see a huge potential in using NEOSUN solar panels for building the private commercial power stations that would serve factories, farms, cottage settlements, and other facilities that require autonomy or if they are located in remote places, where connection to the central grid is expensive or impossible”,
said Ilya Lihov, CEO of NEOSUN Energy.

According to him, the new branch will concentrate on working with dealers, as well as with large and medium-sized businesses.  Aside from that, a very important direction of this office is going to be marketing help and technical support for the company dealers in Europe and Middle East.

Today NEOSUN Energy successfully produces and distributes solar panels for electrical power stations and other renewable energy projects around the world.  The main markets for company’s products are Africa and Middle East.  NEOSUN Energy offices are working in Hong Kong and now in Russia.

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