Top performance Half-Cut PERC solar module with outstanding power up to 550W

    NEOSUN™ Ultra Solar PV Panels (Mono PERC Half-Cut)

    Power range
    370 - 550W
    Solar cells
    PERC, 9BB, Half-Cut
    Module efficiency
    up to 21.5%
    Module size
    2279 x 1134 x 35 mm
    25 year power warranty
    20 - 29 kg

    NEOSUN™ Ultra is the top performance reference solar module series. Based on the advanced mono wafer and PERC Half-cut technology, Ultra offers as much power as 550W with outstanding cell efficiency up to 23.4% and 21.5% module efficiency.

    Thanks to the Half-Cut technology, the cell internal resistance is reduced, which provides an additional module power even while shading, cloudy weather, and in low light conditions.

    Uncompromised Performance,
    Exceptional ROI

    Neosun Ultra is designed to bring you better ROI under the same sunshine.
    With uncompromised energy gain under the sunset, dawn, low irradiance, or cloudy conditions Ultra allows lowering the balance of system costs and achieving the best LCOE. Advanced 9BB Half-Cut solar cells with PERC technology provide efficiency up to 23.4% (up to 21.5% module efficiency).

    Combined with its less than 0.5% annual power degradation, higher energy yield, and 25-year power warranty, Ultra lets you recoup your ROI much faster resulting in more long-term energy and savings than ever.

    Cell efficiency
    Half-Cut technology
    Positive Power Tolerance
    Power warranty
    Half is the New Full
    The laser separation of cells into two separate parts reduces resistance, increases productivity and durability of the element which together allows increasing the module efficiency up to new industry-standard 23.4%

    Solar panels by NEOSUN Energy comply with international standards such as IEC, CE etc.
    Enhanced 35 mm module frame and durable iron-free 3.2 mm tempered glass allows withstanding heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 2400 Pa.
    Lower Shading Loss
    Due to the unique parallel connection system and operating voltage up to 1500V Neosun Ultra modules continue to generate energy in low light conditions at sunset, dawn, or on cloudy days.

    Our technology and production lines

    Quality focus starts from product inception. The engineering team places a major emphasis on both process and equipment capabilities. We tightly control quality over every step of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field. Every material going into the product is heavily tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standard and level of reliability.

    NEOSUN™ Ultra cases

    Our team of experts on global PV projects handles the design and construction of solar power stations worldwide, ranging from commercial systems of a few hundred kilowatts to utility-scale solar projects measured in megawatts. Our ever-expanding portfolio and wide experience enable us to offer customers a turnkey solution that includes integrated design, faster deployment, and lower system costs. Please have a look at some of our recent projects.

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