20 Jun 2024

Charting the new course: Hybrid Energy Systems and Predictive AI in Energy Transition

The future of energy systems lies in the seamless integration of hybrid infrastructures, combining solar panels with advanced energy storage solutions. This paradigm shift marks…


17 May 2024

Breaking the Bottleneck: How Solar Energy Can Help the Electric Vehicles market grow

CEO of Neosun Energy was welcomed as an expert speaker at the last International electric vehicle exhibition in Seoul #EVS37. Ilya Likhov shared his insights,…

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18 Apr 2024

Renewable Energy in Azerbaijan: Ilya Likhov’s Interview with the Ministry of Economy Ahead of COP29

This year Azerbaijan will host the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29). The Azerbaijan…

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8 Mar 2024

Neosun Energy Makes Waves at Pakistan Sustainability Week

At the end of February, the Neosun Energy team participated in the grand international exhibition Pakistan Sustainability Week, bringing together over 175 eminent global companies…

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17 Jan 2024

Neosun Energy expands to South Africa market to support local enterprises

Neosun Energy, a Global Solar Energy company focused on construction of solar power stations and battery storage solutions has recently ventured into the South African…

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12 Oct 2023

Ilya Likhov Shares Insights on Hybrid Power at Dubai Future Innovation Summit

Ilya Likhov, the CEO of Neosun Energy, recently took center stage at the prestigious Future Innovation Summit held in the United Arab Emirates. Likhov’s pivotal…

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7 Jul 2022

Neosun Energy launches high-powered Solar Panels based on Half-Cut PERC Technology

Neosun Energy has started to produce solar panels using the latest Half-Cut PERC technology, as well as 9BB cells. International high-tech company Neosun Energy, which…

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4 Aug 2021

Neosun enters TOP-5 promising startups in the field of industrial energy storage

International company Startus Insight has published a rated list of promising startups engaged in the production of industrial energy storage devices, with Neosun Energy named…

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27 Apr 2020

Construction of a solar power station for the hotel complex in Moscow has been completed

Neosun Energy has completed the construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of 102 kW for the Fox Lodge hotel complex in the…

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28 Nov 2019

Private fire station has been switched to solar energy in the rostov region

In December 2019 Neosun Energy team completed the first solar plant in Russia to power a fire station located in Ribatsky khutor, Rostov area, Russia….

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19 Dec 2016

NEOSUN Energy developed a new product – double glass solar panels

NEOSUN Energy engineers have developed a new product – double glass solar panels with transparent backsheet. On the outside these panels look like a regular…

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14 Nov 2016

CEO of NEOSUN Energy participated in innovative energy technologies forum

12th “Innovative Energy” technological investments forum took place in Novosibirsk on 10th and 11th of November. Key discussion topics of the forum were solar energy,…

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5 Oct 2016

NEOSUN Energy has opened a new representative office in Moscow, Russia

NEOSUN Energy has opened a new representative office in Moscow, Russia.  The main tasks of the new division are development and growth of solar panels…

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19 May 2016

NEOSUN Energy and Oklin announce joint Moroccan Solar Venture

NEOSUN Energy and Oklin International are teaming up to combat two of the world’s most pressing environmental issues: overcrowded landfills and climate change. Through an…

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27 Apr 2016

SAM Industrial Supplies now represents NEOSUN Energy in Yemen

NEOSUN Energy and Sam Industrial Supplies are teaming up to deliver solar energy components throughout Yemen. The country’s solar market is currently experiencing triple-digit growth,…


24 Mar 2016

Solar Microgrid is becoming a major trend in the solar industry in Africa

Activity on Google indicates that interest in Microgrid development is on the uptick. Google tracks how many people search on a term and charts the…


8 Jan 2016

How neighbors’ psychology helps to save electricity

A growing number of countries are encouraging their citizens to start saving electricity, but its consumption continues to grow. A group of U.S researchers managed…


17 Dec 2015

Solar energy is expected to grow dramatically in Africa

54 African countries undertook to increase their renewable power capacities to 3000gw before 2030. The breakthrough Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) was signed by 54…


9 Dec 2015

Russia will invest $53bn into renewable energy

Russian minister of natural resources and environment reminded that nearly half of new power generating capacities in Russia accounts for hydro-electric and nuclear power stations…


6 Nov 2015

Solar and wind energy becomes the cheapest power source in Chile


26 Aug 2015

Google launches the project helping people who plan to buy solar panels

Google has launched the project sunroof, the program that helps to estimate the benefits of solar power generation for a specific house. the application is…


16 Jun 2015

Saudi Arabia moves to solar energy

Large solar panels factory will be built near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The plant will be also producing polysilicon, a material used to make solar…


2 Apr 2015

Falling oil prices will not affect development of the alternative energy

Total investment into renewable energy in last ten years since 2004 was at around $2 trillion and reached $270bn in 2014 alone. The cost of…


15 Jan 2015

+300GW in 5 year — IHS published its outlook for solar energy development for 2015-2019 years

According to IHS report the average cost of crystalline modules will drop by 27% to $0.45 per watt in the further 4-5 years. This will…