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    New generation Solar Panel and ESS

    Our products & solutions

    Working in cooperation with international research centers the R&D team of NEOSUN Energy develops innovative products for the PV power generation and storage of electricity using only the up-to-date technologies.


    New generation solar panels

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    Energy storage solutions

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    Carports & EV Chargers

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    About NEOSUN

    NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of advanced Solar Panels and Lithium Batteries including turnkey solutions such as Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Developer and installer of comprehensive solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use, for telecommunication and mining industry.

    Our cases

    Our team of experts on global PV projects handles the design and construction of solar power stations worldwide, ranging from commercial systems of a few hundred kilowatts to utility-scale solar projects measured in megawatts. Our ever-expanding portfolio and wide experience enables us to offer customers a turnkey solution that includes integrated design, faster deployment and lower system costs. Please have a look some of our recent projects.

    NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels and lithium batteries. Provider of advanced solar power solutions and ESS.