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Neosun enters TOP-5 promising startups in the field of industrial energy storage
4 Aug 2020

International company Startus Insight has published a rated list of promising startups engaged in the production of industrial energy storage devices, with Neosun Energy named among the top five in the world.

Neosun Energy, the international high-tech company and developer of solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use, has been named among Startus Insight’s top 5 emerging startups to watch out for in the energy sector.

In total, Startus Insight analyzed 327 industrial energy storage manufacturers from around the world. The companies were compared on the technical characteristics of the equipment they manufacture, including its quality and usability in ready-made energy storage systems, such as scalability and operational management capabilities.

The total potential of the energy storage market is estimated at more than $10 trillion.

Industrial Energy Storage Startups neosun

When developing our NEOSUN ESS industrial solutions, we set ourselves the task of creating not just a battery, but a complete product that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 – convenient and easy to use, and, if necessary, can be easily scaled and the system capacity increased in multiples of a module, cluster or container. Today we are able to quickly create smart systems with a capacity of 5 kWh to 10 MWh, easily integrating them into any power system, and if necessary, control them remotely or create smart grids and local microgrids based on NEOSUN ESS.

We are also currently working on new models of low power lithium-ion batteries for private and home use, which will allow not only more power to be receivedd in energy-deficient regions, but also reduce the payback period of this equipment for small corporate customers”, said CEO of Neosun Energy Ilya Likhov.

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