The “Seminskyi Pereval” Training center (Altai, Russia) has installed a solar energy power system as a pilot project in July, first among all the Russian ski centers, in order to reduce energy dependence that comes from the grid. Two months later of successful testing the installed capacity of solar energy power system has been increased up to 80 KWp.

NEOSUN Energy was acting as the prime contractor on this project. In total, 216 advanced NEOSUN MaxPower 360W solar panels with PERC technology have been installed.

There are plenty of best practices and positive feedback of application of the Solar Energy Power Plant on similar resorts in other countries. According to the “SaveOurSnow” Portal research, there are more than 50 leading ski centers in the world run by 100% renewable energy source. Moreover, majority of them even make money off by generating solar energy and feeding back the excess electricity into the grid. In this regard, the owners of ski resorts and training centers fit with equipment not only the adjacent areas and roofs of buildings but also stair lifts.

In the “Seminskyi Pereval” Training center solar panels are installed on the roof of building and cover the lion’s share of electric energy consumption. The headquarters of ski resort is planning to scale up the capacity of solar energy power system from 80 KWp to 150 KWp during 2020.

“There was much concern about high electricity cost when we were selecting the energy supply system. We paid a dear price no more no less 7 rubles per KW*h! Having installed solar energy power plant in 7 days, we managed to provide ourselves with uninterruptible power supply and reduce almost to zero the cost of electricity. It is inspiring and pleasing”», – stated Nikolay Melekhov, Chief Executive Officer of Training center “Seminskyi Pereval”.

“Switching to renewables is a world trend now. The main reason for that is usefulness and short payback period of such solutions. The installed solar energy power system in Altay will pay back in 3-4 years and giving release from voltage swing and also fuel price hikes for gensets to the owner of ski resort” – noted Ilya Likhov, Chief Executive Officer of NEOSUN Energy.